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Smart Effluent Treatment Plant Designed as per your needs

Richa Environmental Services Pvt Limited is a market leader in Effluent Treatment Plant. At Richa Environmental we can seamlessly combine the vast industrial experience and needs of your industry to design an ETP which will achieve all Government's prescribed limits for disposal of effluent or reuse of effluent.

Automation is provided in our ETP (Effluent treatment plant) to  give reduced manual tasks, speed up treatment process, and enable ETP to quickly deliver low BOD and COD at output results.

Integration of Richa Environmental with your existing inhouse engineering team let you handle design data across multiple platforms and makes sure that your ETP will be designed within budget with all best in class standards available in the market.

The main advantage of Effluent Treatment Plant from Richa Environmental is that your engineering team will be aware of all process  flow diagram or steps of ETP which are always tailor made as per your given inlet parameters. ETP designed based on experience is far better than cheap ETP

Efficiency of Richa Environmental' s Effluent Treatment Plant is in harnessing of different interests of client and channelizing them in line with a design vision of Effluent Treatment Plant. This ultimately help customers achieve low cost and cheap ETP of different capacities achieving personalized interest of investing in fruitful ETP.

5 KLD ETP 10 KLD ETP 15 KLD ETP 20 KLD ETP 25 KLD ETP 30 KLD ETP 35 KLD ETP 40 KLD ETP 50 KLD ETP 55 KLD ETP 60 KLD ETP 65 KLD ETP 70 KLD ETP 75 KLD ETP 80 KLD ETP 85 KLD ETP 90 KLD ETP 95 KLD ETP 100 KLD ETP 150 KLD ETP 200 KLD ETP 160 KLD ETP and list is endless with cost effective low cost Effluent Treatment Plants

Effluent Treatment Plant designed with precious calculations and manufactured with skilled personnel will help in generating more revenue for the Industry. More revenue comes from focusing on growth of your Industry instead of ETP ( as ETP design will work in any harsh condition)

Generating low sludge, less chemical consumption, low Electrical load or power consumption , low maintenance with high BOD (biological oxygen demand) handling high COD (chemical oxygen demand) handling capacities.

A different design approach for efflu